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You are highly recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to have a better view.

Flash Player,Window Media Player or Quicktime Player should be available on your computer to watch video or clip.

How to set up Mozilla Firefox:

- Step 1: Click here (English version) or here (Vietnamese version)
- Step 2: Double click on the file which is downloaded to extract -> Next:

- Step 3: Check on "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" -> Next:

+ Step 4: Check on "Standard". If you want Mozilla Firefox to work as your web browser, check on "Use Firefox as my default web browser" -> Next:

+ Step 5: Press "Install"

+ Step 6: Press "Finish"

How to set up Flash Player 10:

 - Step 1: Click here and do the following:

+ Step 2: Click on "Save File"

+ Step 3: Click on "Run"

+ Step 4: Locate where your file will be stayed and click on "Save."

+ Step 5: If you see the following alert, please close all your web browsers and click on "Try Again."

+ Step 6: Click on "Close"

You have done! Best luck!