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December 22, 2015

Chuyên Đề Word Formation (HSG & LTĐH) - Phần 2

Yêu Tiếng Anh - Tiếp theo chuyên đề luyện thi học sinh giỏi Word Formation (Phần 1) tương đối dễ, Phần 2 hôm nay được ra mắt với bạn đọc rất khó, khó ở chỗ biến thể của các từ trong họ “gia đình” của nó. Để giỏi phần này, ngoài việc nhuần nhuyễn từ loại (parts of speech), bạn cần phải hiểu nghĩa của nguyên câu và từ cần điền vào. Để chuẩn bị cho việc đó, bạn phải có quyển từ điển Oxford hoặc Longman bên cạnh, nó sẽ giúp ích cho bạn rất nhiều trong việc làm thế nào để thông thạo phần này.  

1. He lay quiet, _________after the day’s exertions.(INSOMNIA)
2. After 2012, the base shifted the event to a(n) __________ schedule, but budget cuts forced it to cancel the 2014 show.(ANNUAL)
3. He was discovered to have been ________ company funds.(PROPERTY)
4. The ________ British drama “Lilting” pivots on the prickly relationship between two people who are mourning a third.(CRY)
5. They enjoyed a popularity scarcely _____________ with their actual merits.(MEASURE)
6. At the audition, the actors were asked to give a _______ performance. (TEMPORARY)
7. Gazprom, whose boss Alexei Miller is a close political ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is almost as _________ in world football.(PRESENT)
8. Blue veins showed through her _________ skin.(LUCID)
9. The machine must be ________________, executing as fast as a mower is able to cut.(EXPEDITE)
10. Lack of resources has been a(n) ___________ problem since the beginning.(ANNUAL)
11. I'm not against_______, but obviously we all want to avoid animals suffering unnecessarily.(SECTION)
12. Among the________ were chiefly the remaining canonries in cathedrals and colleges.(CURE)
13. The administration announced that the U.S. would no longer produce ______________ landmines or acquire new ones, including replacing expiring munitions in its stockpile. (PERSON)
14. And lastly, it provided the authorities with an opportunity to dispose of troublesome true believers or neighborhood __________ (CONTENT)
15. She hopes to _______ her success as a model into an acting career. (LAY)
16. China is another vast country which shares a single time zone - but it spans far more ___________, which has resulted in some quirky schedules. (LONG)
17. Mohammed Zardah, 26, a slim, _______ man with an academic mien, studied computer engineering in Damascus, he says. (SPECTACLE)
18. The building's name, El Centro, ________ this identity, as do its exuberant shape and bright colors. (SPEAK)
19. Some ________ commentators poured scorn on this decision, claiming that an actor would not have the right credentials to present an arts programme on TV. (NOSE)
20. Hunger and a _________ meal did not sit happily side by side.(SLAP)


1. Somnolent (adj) ~ almost asleep
2. Biennial (adj) ~ happening once every 2 years
3. Expropriating (v-ing) ~ (of a government or an authority) to officially take away private property from its owner for public use
4. Lachrymose (adj) ~ tearful ~ having a tendency to cry easily
5. Commensurate (adj) with something ~ matching something in size, importance, quality.
6. Extempore (adv) ~ without any previous thought or preparation
7. Omnipresent (adj) ~ present everywhere
8. Translucent (adj) ~ allowing light to pass through but not transparent
9. Expeditious (adj) ~ efficient ~ that works well without wasting time or money
10. Perennial (adj) ~ continuing for a very long time, happening again and again
11. Vivisection (n) ~ the practice of doing experiments on live animals for medical or scientific research
12. Sinecures (n) ~ the job that you are paid for even though it involves little or no work
13. Antipersonnel (adj) (of weapons) designed to kill or injure people, not to destroy buildings or vehicles
14. Malcontents (n) a person who is not satisfied with a situation and who complains about it, or causes trouble in order to change it.
15. Parlay (something into something) ~ to use advantages that you already have, such as your skills, experience, or money, and increase their value by using all your opportunities well.
16. Longitudes (n) ~ the distance of a place east or west of Greenwich meridian, measured in degrees.
17. Bespectacled (adj) ~ wearing glasses
18. Bespeaks (v) (something) ~ to show or suggest something
19. Toffee-nosed (adj) ~ behaving as if you are better than other people, especially those of a lower social class.
20. Slap-up (adj) (of a meal) large and very good

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