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August 22, 2013

IELTS Essay 7

Topic 7: Aircrafts have been increasingly used to transport fruits and vegetables to some countries where such plants hardly grow or are out of season. Some people consider it a good trend, but some people oppose it. Discuss both views and give your opinion. (IELTS Essay example). Read Essay 6 here.
There has been a steady increase in the demand for imports throughout the world in recent years, including those perishable items, such as fruits and vegetables.
Despite the boom in this business, importing agricultural products is very often criticised as unnecessary and extravagantespecially when air freight is involved. The criticism was correct in the past, but at the present timethere are indications that this trade activity has brought various benefits.
At first, it is important to note that contrary to popular belief, imports are now increasingly affordable to the general population. Thanks to the rapid development of the freight transport industry, air travel has become an economical mode of transport, resulting in the subsequent decrease in the cost of importing. Meanwhile, technical advance in the food processing industry has made it much easier to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables over a long-haul air flight. Because of the wide availability of imported crops, there are more varieties in the food market, leading to the drop in the price of imports. The supply of products in the market is less likely to be influenced by seasonal factors, and an adequate intake of nutrition is guaranteed for the general population throughout the year.
Another fact to note is that import and export normally go hand in handand a country that imports goods from other countries does not necessarily suffer a loss. Trade is not unilateral but bilateral. Some countries are noted for an agrarian economy, while others specialise in manufacturing industrial products. Countries differ in their product structures because they have dissimilar natural resources, climates, and geographical features. By adopting an enlightened policy and promoting trade activities with other countries, a country can facilitate the exchange of goods, services and capital with the rest of the world and promote economic development.
On the negative side, some countries might become addicted to importing goods and overlook the possibility of developing a self-contained economy. Scarcity of resource or lack of technology might disable a country from producing crops to feed its population, but it cannot be taken as an excuse for relying heavily on imports. Government funding in scientific research can make it possible to achieve a breakthrough and increase the yieldthereby resolving food supply crisis.
Countries are therefore advised to promote international trade and to develop their own industries simultaneously.Positive attitudes toward importing goods from other countries demonstrate a government's stance on the international trade, although the government should also prevent itself from relying on imported goods.
1.     perishable = easy to rot
2.     boom = rapid growth = sudden increase = expansion = surge
3.     extravagant = wasteful = luxurious
4.     at the present time = at present = currently
5.     indication = sign = hint = clue
6.     variety = selection
7.     go hand in hand = be closely connected = be inseparable
8.     unilateral = one-sided
9.     enlightened = liberal = open-minded
10. overlook = neglect = ignore
11. self-contained = self-reliant = self-sufficient
12. scarcity = deficiency = shortage = dearth = deficit
13. yield = harvest = the amount of crops produced
14. simultaneously = at the same time
15. stance = position = stand
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Tommy Bảo - Yêu Tiếng Anh

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