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August 22, 2013

IELTS Essay 4

Topic 4: Some people believe that culture will be ruined if it is used to earn tourism revenue, but others consider that tourism is the only way of protecting a culture. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion. (IELTS Essay example)  Read Essay 3 here.
There is little room for doubt that tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. However, its impact on culture remains a source of constant debate. This essay will elaborate on both positive and negative effects of tourism from a cultural perspective.
Providing economic incentives for cultural preservation is unarguably one of the main contributions of tourism. To many tourists, culture and history are what they first consider when choosing a destinationTheir mindset has been recognised by many tourism sites and money has been subsequently directed toward cultural protection, including the maintenance of key historical sites. Tourism is therefore one of the primary forces contributing to the preservation of a culture.
In addition to raising financing, tourism can make an indigenous culture known to the world and rally support worldwide to protect it. When a historic site or a site that shows a country's cultural heritage is made accessible to the public, visitors from all over the world will soon flock there. They will share their experience in the local culture with their friends and families once they return home, assisting this site to gain international fameBoth financial and technological support will flood in for the conservation of natural and cultural resources.
On the negative side, tourism develops sometimes at the expense of part of culture. Food, festivals, costumes and other stimulating elements of a culture tire highlighted to entertain tourists, constituting an insult to the locals and causing damage to the unique nature of a culture. Moreover, cultural commercialisation has made the sacred elements of a culture commonplace and tourists are encouraged to attach little importance to a unique tradition, which cannot be found elsewhere.
In the light of these facts, one can conclude that tourism is neither a boon nor a bane to cultural preservation. While its endeavour to protect an indigenous culture should be recognised, it has put the integrity of a culture at risk.
1.       unarguably = unquestionably = indisputably = undeniably
2.       destination = site = place
3.       maintenance = preservation = upholding = protection
4.       indigenous = original = aboriginal
5.       fame = reputation = recognition = eminence
6.       at the expense of = at the cost of
7.       entertain = amuse = keep somebody amused
8.       insult = offence
9.       commonplace = ordinary
10.    in the light of = in view of = considering = taking into account
11.    endeavour = effort = attempt
12.    integrity = entirely = unity
13.    put at risk = endanger = jeopardise
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