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August 21, 2013

IELTS Essay 1

Tiếp theo bài Essay Living in Ho Chi Minh city Vs. Da Lat. Hôm nay Tôi giới thiệu với các bạn một số bài Essays mẫu dành cho thí sinh chuẩn bị thi IELTS.
Topic 1: Increasing travels between countries enable people to learn different cultures or to increase tension between people from different countries? (Mark Clark)
Globalisation is a catch-all term that refers to any activity that involves more than one country, for example, travel from one country to another.
The dramatic increase in transnational travel in recent years has sparked controversy over the potential impacts of this trend on individual countries, especially those new member states of globalisation. Some people are concerned that the upsurge in new arrivals will prompt local hostility against visitors, instead of promoting their understanding on mutual cultural background. This notion should be rejected as one can see many facts in favour of this development between countries.
The first reason why international travels would never bring conflict is rooted in the fact that both visitors and locals are economically motivated. International travel opens up opportunities for business development throughout the world.Entrepreneurs are interested not only in the domestic market but also in the overseas market. Foreigners should learn the culture of a country before winning over the local people. In turn, locals should show their hospitality to visitors in exchange for their trust. They share a view that acceptance of each other's cultural background is a necessary condition for cooperation.
Understanding a culture has other implications. Differences in social background, cultural values and religious belief might make the discrepancy of foreigners and local inhabitants on some issues indelible; however, the higher interaction, the higher level of communication and understanding. Arabians, for example, used to consider westerners as their foes. Now they have concrete relations with their western allies in many fields. In the initial stage, their divergence seemed inherent but over timewith better mutual understanding, they take the same position on many issues.
Undeniably, it is likely that in some resortsforeign visitors repel the local community with their scant regard for the local environment and conventions when they first arrive. However, it should be noted that most offense is accidental, rather than intentional. Instead, visitors disobey rules and conventions simply because they have no knowledge of them. This situation is expected to be improved with the passing of time when visitors from different countries increase their knowledge of a local culture.
According to the above analysis, we can observe that the increase in the international travel should not be taken as the cause of any conflict that arises between two countries. Alternatively, one should recognise its role in improving mutual understanding between two countries.
1.     catch-all = all-embracing = general
2.     hostility = enmity = resentment
3.     rooted in = derived from = based on
4.     entrepreneur = tycoon = mogul = industrialist
5.     discrepancy = disagreement = difference = divergence
6.     foe = enemy = rival
7.     concrete = tangible = solid
8.     over time = in due course = sooner or later
9.     resort; tourist resort; holiday resort; beach resort; scenic spot; place of interest
10. repel = revolt = repulse
11. scant = limited = scarce
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Tommy Bảo - Yêu Tiếng Anh

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