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August 17, 2013

Blame Và Cách Dùng

Tiếp theo chuyên đề Luyện Thi Đại Học,  Tôi trình bày tiếp cách dùng "Blame". Phần này không những dành cho các bạn luyện thi Đại Học mà nó còn hữu ích cho những bạn luyện thi Học Sinh Giỏi, thi Toefl, hay thi Toeic.

Blame (for)(v) / bleɪm / - to think or say that somebody/something is responsible for something badai đó/cái gì đó về một việc làm sai trái.
Blame (n) / bleɪm / [uncountable] - responsibility for a mistake or for something bad: Chịu trách nhiệm cho một lỗi lầm nào đó.
+ blame somebody/something (for something): đỗ lỗi cho ai đó/cái gì đó về việc gì đó, nguyên nhân gây ra.
Ex: She doesn't blame anyone for her father's death: Cô ta không đỗ lỗi cho bất cứ ai về cái chết của cha cô ta.

A dropped cigarette is being blamed for the fire: Điếu thuốc bỏ lại là nguyên nhân gây ra đám cháy.

+ blame something on somebody/something: đỗ lỗi cho ai đó. 
Ex: Police are blaming the accident on dangerous driving: Cảnh sát cho rằng vụ tai nạn đó là do lái xe ẩu.


+ To be to blame (for something) ~ to be responsible for something bad
Ex: If anyone's to blame, it's me: Nếu phải có ai chịu trách nhiệm, thì đó là tôi.
Which driver was to blame for the accident? Tài xế nào chịu trách nhiệm cho tai nạn này?

+ Don't blame me (informal) ~ used to advise somebody not to do something, when you think they will do it despite your advice.
Ex: Call her if you like, but don't blame me if she's angry. Thích thì cứ gọi đi, nó mà giận thì đừng có trách tớ nhé.

+ I don't blame you/her, etc. (for doing something) (informal) ~ used to say that you think that what somebody did was reasonable and the right thing to do.
Ex: ‘I just slammed the phone down when he said that.’ ‘I don't blame you!’ Tôi đập điện thoại xuống bàn khi nghe hắn nói hắn không trách tôi.

+ Only have yourself to blame ~ used to say that you think something is somebody's own fault
Ex: If you lose your job, you'll only have yourself to blame. Nếu bạn mất việc thì tự trách bản thân mình thôi.

COLLOCATIONS: Use “blame” as a noun

+ Take/accept the blame ~ say that something is your fault: nhận lỗi về mình
Ex: You can’t expect Hong to take all the blame.
Do you accept any blame for what happened?

+ Get the blame ~ be blamed: bị la, bị trách móc
Ex: I always get the blame for his mistakes!
+ Put/lay/pin/place the blame (for something) on somebody ~ blame someone, especially for something that is not their fault: đỗ thừa tội cho người khác.
Ex: Hien stole the money but she is trying to put the blame on Toan.

+ Share the blame: chia sẻ một phần trách nhiệm.
Ex: The court ruled that the child's parents must share the blame for the accident.

+ apportion/assign blame (formal) ~ blame someone: chia sẻ trách nhiệm
Ex: We are not here to apportion blame.

+ Shift the blame (onto somebody) ~ blame someone else for something you did: đỗ lỗi cho ai đó.
Ex:  It's no use trying to shift the blame onto other people.

+ The blame lies with somebody ~ used to say that someone did something: trách nhiệm, lỗi.
Ex: In my opinion, the blame lies with the police.


BLAME: If someone causes something bad, you can say that it is their fault or that they are to blame.
Ex: The accident was my fault.
Nobody is to blame for what happened!
+ Do not say that someone has the/a fault.
+ We did not think that it was our fault or that we were to blame (NOT that we have any fault).
+ Do not say that something is someone’s blame.

FAULT: Use “fault” to mean something that is wrong with a machine or a system, or something that you could criticize about a person or thing.
Ex: The car engine had developed a fault.
The book’s only fault is that it is too long

MISTAKE: Use “mistake” to mean something that is wrong in someone’s grammar, spelling, calculations, decisions etc.
Ex: Please correct any mistakes (NOT faults) in my letter.
Have a good one!

Tommy Bảo - Yêu Tiếng Anh 

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