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July 30, 2013

Đại Học Từ Xa

Yêu Tiếng Anh - Read the article below about distance education and try to decide what the missing word might be in each case. None of the missing words are longer than four letters long. The majority are articles (a, an, the) or prepositions (in, at, on etc.).
Not so long ago, getting (1)_________college degree meant enrolling in a three or four year program and heading off (2)________campus every day. Now, with the proliferation (3)___________correspondence and on-line courses, getting a degree might appear to be easier than ever.
Distance learning or education is completing a curriculum of studies without being present (4)___________a class room. The quality of education (5)_________often equal (6)________or better than that (7)________a class room since most individuals who choose distance learning to obtain their education are more self motivated and every bit as conscientious about their education as their counterpart (8)________the class room. Due to today's technology, made (9)_________part (10)__________the internet, more people than ever before are choosing distance learning over traditional class room settings as (11)____________vehicle of choice to obtain their education. Convenience, cost of travel and other costs associated with a more traditional setting and busy schedules are just some of (12)__________reasons more students are studying for (13)__________degree through distance education institutions. After all, consider the commuting time to and (14)_____________a campus and the delays between classes. Wouldn't your time be better spent (15)____________studies or leisure time.

Distance degree programs are delivered using videotape, DVD's or VCD's, others are delivered entirely online, and some use (16)____________combination of media. Some degree programs require you to attend (17)__________few classes a year (18)___________the university (19)______________question.

Despite the obvious advantages (20)____________studying for a degree online, it is important to choose (21)_________university to study at (22)____________great care.

Links to some of (23)________better universities, offering distance degrees:

Best luck!
Tommy Bảo - Yêu Tiếng Anh 


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