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January 31, 2013

Bài Giải Đề Thi Học Sinh Giỏi Quốc Gia 2013 (Part 2)

Tiếp theo bài giải Phần 1 - Listening Kỳ thi chọn học sinh giỏi Quốc Gia, mời các bạn xem TẠI ĐÂY, hôm nay Admin sẽ trình bày Phần 2: Grammar (4 parts): Part 1 & 2 thì tương đối dễ thở, Part 3 & 4 thì hơi khó "gặm" nhất là Part 4, còn Part 3 (tìm 7 lỗi sai trong đoạn văn) thì dễ làm học sinh hiểu lầm bởi vì không hiểu tác giả ra đề thi theo British English or American English.
* Bài liên quan: Tổng hợp chuyên đề luyện thi đại học và học sinh giỏi
Theo quan điểm của Admin thì hầu hết đề thi này theo kiểu British English nhưng BGD đang dạy theo chuẩn American English, vậy thì dựa vào tiêu chí nào để chọn đáp án cho Part 3 của Phần Grammar khi mà tác giả dùng organisations (British English) thay vì organizations (American English), nếu học theo American English học sinh sẽ dễ nhầm lẫn cho rằng từ này là lỗi spelling và nó sẽ là 1 lỗi trong 7 lỗi cần tìm.  Và như thế BGD lại mắc 1 sai lầm y chang như đề thi Đại Học Khối D (2012), xem Tại Đây. Mời các bạn theo dõi.Thân!

II. LEXIGO -GRAMMAR (30 points)

Part 1: Choose  the best  answers  (A,  B, C, or D) to  each  of the following  questions  and  write your answers  in  the  corresponding  numbered  boxes.

26. At the end of the competition, all the runner were_______ exhausted.
A. Actually
B. wholly
C. utterly
D. eventually
27.  I see no point in__________  with such a perfect  operating system.
A. doing
B. dealing
C. matching
D. tampering
28.  There is _________in the press that the Prime Minister will resign.
A. rumour
B. speculation
C. news
D. indication
29.  The work is beyond a shadow of _______________ one of the best she has ever written.
A. doubt
B. contradiction
C. criticism
D. suspicion
30. The election will be held at the end of the week, at any ______________.
A. case
B. rate
C. situation
D. time
31. At first Tom insisted he was right, but then began to_____________.
A. back down
B. follow  up
C. drop off
D. break  up
32. The ceremony was one hour late as the organizers hadn’t __________ for such an  adverse weather condition.
A. expected
B. bargained
C. calculated
D. supposed
33. I can  accept criticism in general, but George  really _______________ it  too  far, so  I had no  other  option  but to show  my disapproval.
A. carried
B. push
C. put
D. made
34. Why do  you  object  to him being  taken  on - he'll  be a(n) _____________to  the  company?
A. property
B. estate
C. asset
D. material
35. The inconsiderate driver was ____________ for parking his vehicle in the wrong place.
A. inflicted
B. harassed
C. condemned
D. confined

Part 2: Write  the  correct  FORM  of each  bracketed  word in  the numbered  space  provided  in the column  on the right. (0) has been done as an example.


A recent report  has warned  of global  food  (0) shortages (SHORT)  unless the current  system  of farming  and  food  distribution  is  changed.  The report  highlights fears  that  currently  rapid  increases  in  yields come at  the expense  of sustainability, and  that  unless  action  is  taken,  hunger  and  (36) malnutrition (NUTRIENT) will become  growing  problems.
         There port also considers the billion people worldwide who (37) overeat (EAT) and are therefore obese to be another (38) exemplary (EXAMPLE) failure of the current  system  to  provide  health  and (39) well-being (BE) to  the  world's  population.
         The authors believe that the application of new  technologies  can play  a role in  minimizing future  lacks of food, They  see  cloning,  nanotechnology  and genetic (40) modification (MODIFY) as potential solutions.
        However, although many of these technologies have been adopted worldwide, there is still (41) resistance (RESIST)  to  their  use in parts  of Europe.

Part 3: The passage below contains 7 mistakes. UNDERLINE the  mistakes  and  WRTTE  THEIR  CORRECT FORMS  in  the  space  provided  in  the column  on  the  right.  (0) has been done as an example.

There  is  a long-standing  debate among users  of  “new media” and  Internet  Service Providers  (ISPs)  about  so-called “net  neutrality” the idea  that no-one should  control  the  Internet).  Both sides claim  to  uphold  what  they call  "Internet  freedom", but it  appears they  have diverging  views  of exactly  which is meant  by  freedom  but it  appears they  have diverging -> divergent  views  of exactly which is meant  by  freedom  in this  context.
            For supporters  of  neutral -> neutrality, Internet  freedom  means  equal, affordable  access  for -> to whatever  online applications  and content  they  choose.  In contrast, the  ISPs  say  a free  Internet  means that  the  industry  should be unimpeded  by government oversight  and that high- speed  connections  should  be available  for  anyone  who can afford  it -> them.
The  debate  is  over grown  with  so many -> much technical  jargon  that  it  hasn't attracted widespreading -> widespread  attention, but  what's  at stake are -> is nothing less than  the  future of the Internet.  The issue,  essentially,  is whether  financial  corporations  become gatekeepers  of online  content  and  traffic,  or whether  small  independent organisations can access  the  new technology  without restrictions.  Whichever way it goes, the outcome is likely to change the whole of popular culture.

Part 4: Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with suitable particles. Write your answers in the corresponding numbered boxes. (0) has been done as an example.

  0.  He finds it hard to put up with the noise of the nearby factory.
49. The chairman brought forward/up the matter of staff restructure in the last meeting on the BoM.
50. Evidence has borne out the idea that language students learn best in the small groups.
51. He was too smart to fall for the conman.
52. She decided to put in for a part-time job to supplement her meager income.
53. The authorities declare they will come down hard on increasing mugging and burglary in the city.
54. He has worked very hard to succeed in his career, I don't think luck comes into it.
55. The boss was frustrated at the failure of the project and he took it out on the chief accountant.


Have a good one!

Tommy Bảo - Yêu Tiếng Anh


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