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November 9, 2012

High School Graduation Essay

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      Have you graduated from high school? If yes, was it really interesting after graduating from high school? People have their own thrilling moments in their lives. Some have been experiencing some wonderful vacations. Others have just been offered nice jobs with incredible salaries. The rest have graduated from university or high school. All of them organized parties to celebrate some achievements they have got. To me, graduating from high school was an unforgettable moment because I have benefited from high school in the following ways: first, I learned how to struggle with difficult problems, second, I learned how to make a plan, third, I gained respect from my family and teachers, and last, I learned how to become an independent person.

      Before graduating, I was nervous because I had to struggle with a bundle of hard problems, including math, physic, and chemistry problems. There were some uncomfortable homework assignments that needed time and capabilities to solve them. One uncomfortable assignment of math, for example, was solving the inequalities’ form of ax3+bx2+cx+d≥0. It was uncomfortable because it required me to have to combine so many skills and methods as well to figure out the optimal solution. Another uncomfortable assignment of physic was finding the relationship of two mobile things. In order to solve such problems, I had to find the intersection point of two lines and draw a graph to point out where the things were. Another hard problem was studying for graduation tests, a problem that I addressed in steps.  First, I learned how to be familiar with high school graduation tests by reading some referenced books. They included, for instance, 3 parts each test which are theory, compulsory problems, and optional ones. Second, my friends and I made a small studying group so that we could easily take care together whenever we got some trouble. For instance, we usually gathered at my home together to find nice diversified solutions for many differently hard problems. Since then, we could withdraw a series of beautiful conclusions for complex problems, such as finding the minimum value of x2-4x+9≥0, and the beautiful solution was x=5. Finally, I reviewed and revised some problems I had done with my friends before so that I couldn’t feel surprised in case I saw them in the graduation tests. Thus, I felt really confident and passed the tests easily.

       When graduating, I really knew how to make a plan for doing something, such as making a plan to study with my friends in small group, making a plan to visit my teachers for advice, or making a plan to help my family with odd works. I always made a detail schedule for a new week. Specifically, I reserved approximately an hour on weekday afternoons to help my mom do farming and house works after school. The rest time just served for doing my homework assignments. Thanks to these, I was successful in high school graduation tests. Therefore, I got some congratulations from my friends and also celebrated this event with them. My friends and I made a schedule to hold a camping trip to the countryside to celebrate my graduation. On day time, we enjoyed the fresh air there, went fishing, and together flew a kite as well. My friends gave me some gifts as the souvenirs. They bought a lot of lovely things, such as rings, neck-lets, strings, glasses, and diary books. At night, we stayed up to 2 A.M. to take turns to tell childhood story. Some my friends’ stories were so really attracting and compelling that I did not feel asleep at all, on the other hand, I listened to them carefully and attentively. That camping was so really useful for me that I have still remembered that so far. I have learned so much from my friends’ sharing on that point of time, especially how to make and arrange a plan prior to doing something really significant.

       After passing the high school graduation tests with the highest scores, I gained respect from my family and teachers. I made a plan before leaving Da Lat for Ho Chi Minh City for further study to visit my teachers’ home to share not only my happiness, but my success with them. Therefore, they expressed their feelings of pride of me because not only I was a graduate, but I was one of the highest scored students in my school. Then, we talked together about the past and future as well. Also, they mobilized me to study better and better in University of Economics which I had chosen before taking a graduation test. For example, Mr. Lý, an English teacher, said, “The more you learn, the more successful you are.” His saying was so striking that I have still remembered so far. Eventually, my family organized a party to bid farewell to me a month before I started a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, one of the biggest cities in Viet Nam, to become a freshman. My parents always worried about my future career; so she often confided something traumatic happening outside family to me. She showed me both how to avoid something not useful and received something nice for me because it could much influence on my characteristic and manners as well. Meanwhile, my brothers and sisters gave me a lot of compliments for a big achievement I just attained on the graduation test. They said that I was really an honor to my family. They couldn’t help talking about me as a hero of my family with both neighbors and relatives. They also gave me some advice, such as how to communicate well and how to behave reasonably to push me up in my study; therefore, they helped me know how to apply it into complex practical society.

       After graduating, I had to struggle with the independent life in college. I didn’t know how to be responsible for an independent life in general and my private duties in particular before. Also, I just thought about myself, but others like my siblings, parents and relatives. Besides, I felt shy and ashamed while making conversations with someone else. Leaving my hometown, Dalat, for Ho Chi Minh City, I had to adjust myself to college life. Initially, I really worried about school tuition and fees at college. For example, school fees for a semester were 1.8 million Vietnam dong equivalents to 100 US dollars in 2000. Then, I was also concerned about living expenses because I lived in a big city; so the estimated living cost was 1 million Vietnam dong equivalent to 50 US dollars. It was a big sum to me at that point; so I had to be a math tutor as a part time job. This job helped me earn so much money that I could send the rest to my family after reserving some for school fees and the living expenses. Even though I got a good part time job with a stable salary, I was homesick so much. In order to overcome it, I listened to music and hung out with my friend in case I had spare time. Finally, I had to struggle with the knowledge I studied in college because it was not easy at all. It was really difficult and much complicated. The way I studied in college was also strange. It required students to have self-motivation, perseverance, hard study. If you don’t have these three elements, you cannot adapt academic environments. So, to gain all the above requirements, I had to try all my efforts to study well at college after graduating from high school. High school graduation taught me how to solve the hard problems myself, how to learn about others, and how to earn a living.

       Graduation from high school was one of my valued moments because this gave me much more opportunities to integrate into social life in general and college in particular. To me, it was really interesting after graduating from high school because it had a significant effect on me in some positive ways. Four big things I have learned from high school graduation were solving hard problems, making a plan, attaining the respect from my family and teachers, and struggling with an independent life from which I have applied successfully in a daily life. I now strongly feel proud and confident to give a speech or make a public speaking in the crowd. Those were really useful and necessary skills for me to deal with a job in the perspective time. Each of us has one’s own huge ambition, an interesting life, and thrilling moments; so it is much better for you if you know how to take advantage of the great opportunity you have been experiencing.

Have a good one!

Tommy Bảo - Yêu Tiếng Anh

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