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November 18, 2012

Ethics in Business and Life

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     Ethical communication enhances human worth and dignity by fostering truthfulness, fairness, responsibility, personal integrity, and respect for self and others.
We believe that unethical communication threatens the quality of all communication and consequently the well-being of individuals and the society in which we live. Not everyone in our society knows the difference between ethical and unethical, and some choose to be unethical anyway even if they know what they are doing is unscrupulous. Individual people will do this to each other by stealing or perhaps by lying intentionally to someone, but it is not just individuals who are doing this.
     Major corporations will also steal and lie to get more money, such as the company Enron which lied about its debt so people would keep buying their stocks, and the pharmaceutical companies that are untruthful about the negative effects of their drugs, so that people will stay prescribed. Although these companies may think they have a good reason for being unethical, it does not make it right. Even the school that I am writing this paper for has unethical policies bestowed upon its students. Every semester I, and many other students are forced to purchase textbooks that we do not always need to have. Textbook publishers are producing new editions of textbooks that have very slightly been changed, causing colleges to perceive the older version as outdated. Colleges will then ask their students to purchase the newest edition even if only a few pictures or sentences have been added or removed. Since this is happening, the older editions have become of lesser value and can therefore be sold back to the college for much less than the purchased price. I see this as unethical because it is a waste of money for college students around the country, and in times like these we need all the money we can get our hands on. Some teachers will agree that requiring students to purchase the newest edition of a textbook that is practically the same as the previous version, but costs double the price is unethical. 
     Doing business with companies that are ethical is a high priority of mine because I do not want to reward people that got to where they are in life by being insensitive to others. It bothers me to see million dollar businesses that became successful by using others as a backboard for deceiving the public into buying their product or services. One must also understand that companies are in business to make money however; sometimes this may not in fact be for the public good, but only for creating more revenue for a corrupt business. This is why I would avoid doing business with an unethical company. On the contrary, I like doing business with companies that respect their buyer and take pride in the product they sell. The business Smart Drinks (a store similar to smoothie factory) is a perfect example of what good ethics looks like in a company. I feel better about my purchase there because I can ask them anything about a product and they will tell me an honest opinion about what exactly is in their product, what it will do to your body, and how effectively it has worked for their other customers. If a company cannot answer me these questions, then I will seriously reconsider and do business somewhere else. 

     Communication ethics are important for our society and cultures all around the world. It helps bring people together and form relationships that last longer because their discussions are handled properly and arguments are fair. Communication is not possible without fostering truthfulness in the things people say to each other. It is disrespectful to be dishonest to someone, and it will also make them lose trust in that person threatening the quality of their communication. As human beings, we need to communicate with each other, but if we cannot communicate ethically we might as well not communicate at all. 

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Tommy Bảo - Yêu Tiếng Anh

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